Advantage Energy Group has been integrating waste heat recovery systems with existing pollution control equipment for over 30 years. Our custom designed, turnkey systems eliminate waste and reduce energy consumption, providing a greener and more efficient workplace.

Energy Advantage Systems™

We'll convert your waste exhaust heat into $$$.


AEG's Energy Advantage Systems™ (EAS) harness the waste exhaust heat from industrial applications, converting it into energy to power process cooling and for use as supplemental plant heat, providing a year-long Return on Investment. This proven, effective system reduces utility costs in a quiet, reliable and environmentally conscious manner.

Reduces peak demand charges and lowers utilities costs

Lowers operating costs by eliminating electrical compressors

Environmentally responsible technology uses water as the refrigerant

Integrates with existing pollution control equipment

Low noise / vibration levels

High efficiency EAS systems qualify for rebates and incentives from local utilities

Saved operating expenses finance equipment replacement

Service Scan™ system allows remote diagnostics and program changes

Rapid investment payback with quick positive cash flows

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